All Day Breakfast
All served with tea or coffee, and toast or slice
Set 1£6.75Add +Egg, bacon, sausage, bubble and mushroom
Set 2£6.75Add +Egg, bacon, sausage, fried slice and beans
Set 3£6.75Add +Egg, bacon, sausage, tomato and black pudding
Set 4£6.75Add +Egg, bacon, sausage, hash brown and beans
Set 5£6.75Add +Egg, bacon, sausage, chips and beans
Set 6£6.75Add +Egg, bacon, burger, chips and tomato
Set 7£6.75Add +Ham, 2egg and chips
Vegetarian 1£6.75Add +Egg, hash brown, mushrooms, tomato and beans
Vegetarian 2£6.75Add +Scrambled egg, bubble, veggie sausage, beans and mushrooms
Workers Classic£8.45Add +Egg, bacon, sausage, 2 hash browns, beans, mushrooms, black pudding and tomato
Mediterranean Breakfast£8.45Add +2 eggs, 2 hash browns, tomato, beans, mushrooms, haloumi and beef sausage
Continental Breakfast
Eggs Benedict£6.95Add +Honey roast ham with hollandaise sauce on toasted muffins
Eggs Florentine (v)£6.45Add +Sauteed spinach with hollandaise sauce on toasted muffins
Eggs Royale£7.45Add +Smoked Scottish salmon with hollandaise sauce on toasted muffins
Salmon Breakfast£6.95Add +Smoked salmon and scrambled egg on toasted bread served with salad
Halloumi & Sucuk£7.45Add +2 poached eggs on toasted muffin with grilled halloumi and sucuk
Bubble & Squeak (v)£6.95Add +2 poached eggs on home-made bubble and squeak
Smashed Avocado (v)£6.95Add +2 poached eggs on toasted muffin with smashed avocado
Create Your Own Breakfast
Create Your Own Breakfast£0.00Add +
Roast Dinners
Served with roast potatoes, 3 vegetables and yorkshire pudding
Roast Chicken£7.25Add +served with yorkshire pudding mix vegetables and roasted potato
Roast Lamb£7.95Add +served with yorkshire pudding mix vegetables and roasted potato
Boiled Potatoes£1.80Add +
Roast Potatoes£1.80Add +Potatoes seasoned and roasted until crispy
Cabbage£1.50Add +
Carrots£1.50Add +
Peas£1.50Add +
Onion Rings (8)£1.95Add +Fried and crispy onion rings
Coleslaw£1.95Add +
Falafel (3)£2.45Add +
Rice£1.95Add +
Side Salad£1.95Add +
Half Avocado£1.50Add +
Salmon£2.50Add +
Fish Fingers (4)£2.45Add +Whole pieces of fish lightly coated in breadcrumbs
Chicken Nuggets (4)£2.45Add +Small pieces of chicken breast pieces fried in a batter coating
Roll£0.80Add +
Pitta Bread£0.80Add +
Sweetcorn£1.00Add +
Main Courses
Bangers & Mash£6.95Add +3 Cumberland sausages, mash potato, onion and gravy
Liver & Bacon£8.45Add +Chips, peas, onions and gravy
Chicken Kebab£7.95Add +Served with chips or rice and salad
Char-Grilled Chicken Breast£7.95Add +Served with rice and salad
Chicken Curry£6.95Add +Served with rice or chips
Chilli Con Carne£6.95Add +Served with rice or chips
Cod£6.95Add +Served with chips, peas and fresh salad
Scampi (10)£6.95Add +Served with chips, peas and fresh salad
Served with chips and salad
Plain Omelette£5.00Add +Beaten eggs pan-fried
Spanish Omelette£7.45Add +Peas, onions, tomato and potato
Choice of penne or spaghetti
Napolitana Pasta (v)£5.45Add +Served with tomato sauce
Bolognese Pasta£6.95Add +Minced beef in tomato sauce
Carbonara Pasta£7.25Add +Served with creamy sauce with crispy bacon
Vegetarian Pasta£6.95Add +Roasted vegetables, mushrooms & tomato sauce
Lasagne Pasta£7.45Add +Served with chips or salad
Chicken & Mushroom Pasta£7.95Add +Served with creamy mushroom sauce
Greek Salad£6.45Add +Fresh peppers and mixed salad
Halloumi Salad£6.95Add +Mixed salad, rockets, croutons and virgin olive oil dressing
Healthy Salad£7.45Add +Chargrilled chicken, mixed salad, roasted peppers, avocado, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, croutons with home-made dressing
Jacket Potatoes
Served with salad
Plain Jacket Potato£4.50Add +Baked potato with crispy skin
Jacket Potato with One Filling£4.75Add +Baked potato with crispy skin and 1 filling
Jacket Potato with Two Fillings£5.50Add +Baked potato with crispy skin with 2 fillings
Jacket Potato with Three Fillings£6.00Add +Baked potato with crispy skin with 3 fillings
Beef Burger£2.25Add +Served in a bun with fried onion
Cheese Burger£2.50Add +Served in a bun with fried onion
Double cheese Burger£3.75Add +Double beef burger with salad and onion
1/4 Pounder Beef Burger£3.95Add +Served in a bun with salad and fried onions
1/2 Pounder Beef Burger£4.95Add +Served in a bun with salad and fried onions
Chicken Burger£3.95Add +Served in a bun with salad
Veggie Burger£3.95Add +Served in a bun with salad
Halloumi Burger (v)£4.50Add +Served in a bun with roast peppers and salad
Homemade Burger£6.95Add +Aberdeen angus beef served with onion, gherkins and salad
Served with chips and salad
Hummus & Falafel Wrap (v)£5.95Add +
Chicken & Salad Wrap with Garlic Mayonnais£6.95Add +
Halloumi & Roast Peppers Wrap (v)£6.95Add +
Roll or bread, baguette or bap
Egg Sandwich£2.00Add +
Bacon Sandwich£2.50Add +
Sausage Sandwich£2.50Add +
Egg & Bacon Sandwich£3.00Add +
Egg & Sausage Sandwich£3.00Add +
Sausage & Bacon Sandwich£3.20Add +
Egg, Bacon & Sausage Sandwich£3.50Add +
B.L.T. Sandwich£3.50Add +
Ham Sandwich£2.70Add +
Chicken & Sweetcorn Sandwich£3.25Add +
Chicken Mayo Sandwich£3.00Add +
Chicken Pesto Sandwich£3.00Add +
Chicken & Crispy Bacon Sandwich£3.50Add +
Chicken Mayo & Avocado Sandwich£3.50Add +
Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Sandwich£3.95Add +
Cheddar Cheese Sandwich£2.50Add +
Halloumi Sandwich£3.00Add +
Tuna Mayo Sandwich£3.00Add +
Tuna Mix Sandwich£3.00Add +
Prawn Sandwich£3.50Add +
Salmon & Cream Cheese Sandwich£3.50Add +
Cheese & Pickle Sandwich£3.00Add +
Panini or ciabatta, all served with mixed salad
Club Sandwich£4.95Add +Chicken mayo, bacon, lettuce and tomato
Three Colour£4.95Add +Mozzarella, avocado and tomato
Piggy£4.95Add +Bacon, mushrooms and mozzarella
Parma£4.95Add +Honey roasted ham, cheese and tomato
Tuna-Toni£4.95Add +Tuna mayo, cucumber and sweetcorn
Cyprus£4.95Add +Halloumi, olives, sun-dried tomato and hummus
Santorini£4.95Add +Halloumi, sweet roasted peppers and pesto
Puerto-Rico£4.95Add +Chicken, pesto and tomato
Crispy£4.95Add +Chicken mayo, crispy bacon and avocado
Magyar£4.95Add +Salami, mozzarella and tomato
Escalope£4.95Add +Chicken escalope, cheese, lettuce and tomato
Solomon£4.95Add +Salmon, cream cheese and cucumber
Served with custard or ice cream
Cherry Pie£3.25Add +Short crust pastry case with cherry filling
Apple Pie£3.25Add +Short crust pastry case with an apple filling
Treacle Pudding£3.25Add +
Home-Made Apple & Almond Crumble (n)£3.25Add +Baked apple slices and almond, topped with a crisp buttery crumble made with flour and sugar
Chocolate Fudge Cake£3.25Add +Rich chocolate cake with indulgent fudge sauce
Carrot Cake£3.25Add +A moist spiced carrot cake topped with a cream cheese frosting
Ice Cream£3.25Add +3 scoops, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry
Kids Menu
Available under 10 year olds
Kid's Egg, Chips & Beans£4.25Add +
Kid's Chicken Nuggets (4), Chips & Beans£4.25Add +
Kid's Pasta with Tomato Sauce£4.25Add +
Kid's Cheese Burger & Chips£4.25Add +Grilled beef burger served with salad and sauce in a bun and a side portion of chips
Banana & Nutella Bomb Milkshake£3.25Add +
Mr. Rocher Special Milkshake£3.25Add +
Kinder Minder Milkshake£3.25Add +
Kit Kat Medicine Milkshake£3.25Add +
Oreo Must Be Mine Milkshake£3.25Add +
Peanut But Errr Milkshake£3.25Add +
Hazelnut Crunchy Milkshake£3.25Add +
Strawberry Highbury Milkshake£3.25Add +
Chocolate Angel Milkshake£3.25Add +
Merry Berry Smoothie£3.25Add +Blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and banana
Strawberry Sunshine Smoothie£3.25Add +Strawberry, mango and banana
Tropical Crush Smoothie£3.25Add +Passion fruit, papaya, mango and pineapple
Groovy Green Smoothie£3.25Add +Avocado, spinach, green apple, William pear, mint and lemon zest
Hot Drinks
Coffee£2.00Add +
Espresso£1.50Add +A strong coffee prepared by forcing live steam under pressure, or boiling water, through ground dark-roast coffee beans.
Machiato£1.60Add +Espresso coffee served with a dash of milk
Americano£2.00Add +
Cappuccino£2.25Add +Traditionally prepared with espresso and hot milk
Flat White£2.25Add +Espresso topped with microfoam
Caffe Latte£2.25Add +Coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk
Iced Coffee£2.50Add +
Mocha£2.75Add +Chocolate flavoured cafe latte
Hot Chcolate£2.50Add +Hot drinking chocolate
Breakfast Tea£1.00Add +
Twinings Herbal Teas£1.50Add +Peppermint, strawberry, lemon and ginger, jasmine, green, earl grey or chamomile
Liqueur Coffee£4.95Add +Bailey's, ameretto, jameson and brandy
Soft Drinks
Bottles£1.50Add +
Cans£1.25Add +330ml
Mineral Water£1.25Add +500ml
Fruit Juice£1.50Add +Glass
Freshly Squeezed Juice£3.25Add +Orange, apple or carrot
Mixed Freshly Squeezed Juice£3.50Add +
Snapple£1.70Add +
Beers & Wines
House Wine£3.45Add +
Merlot£3.95Add +
Savignon Blanc£3.95Add +
Prossecco£18.95Add +Bottle
Efes£3.25Add +Bottle
Peroni£3.25Add +Bottle
Stella£3.25Add +Bottle
San Miguel£3.25Add +Bottle
Corona£3.45Add +Bottle
Magners£3.45Add +Bottle
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